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360º real estate virtual visits with live video-conference

Fortunately, technology today allows us to do things that in the past were only possible in person. Thanks to virtual tours today you can visit a space and all its details, without having to go to the place where it is located, you can also make video calls in which you literally have your interlocutor face to face.

Well, now you have the possibility of having these 2 wonderful tools in one and we call it “Live Tours”, in which you will be able to have a total virtual interaction with your viewers, by being able to chat on video call and at the same time take the tour. tour through all the spaces, arranged in the virtual tour on the same screen.

Apart from the great impact and practicality that this tool offers you, it will also allow you to emphasize the points to be highlighted in each space and direct the tour in the best way, which you, as a professional in the real estate world, will undoubtedly take advantage of.

If you want to know more about this powerful tool, do not hesitate to contact viva-360.

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