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Everything you need to know to offer a 360º virtual real estate experienceº

I want you to know that if you are thinking about virtualization you are going in the right direction, 360º virtual experiences will allow you to show your real estate projects and properties as if you were literally there and more so now that you can have a video conference with your potential buyer in the same screen and moment that make the 360º virtual visit.

So what do you need:

The first thing is to make the 360-degree panoramic images, that, from my point of view, is different here for a company that is going to sell a project consisting of tens or hundreds of properties of a similar type, to another that is dedicated to selling and Rent different types of real estate.

Although your product is a “new project” that is going to be sold or is already being sold on plans and you do not have a physical model property, you will need to develop 360º panoramic renders, these are developed from the plans architectural designs of the project and it is possible that the same company that carried out the architectural design of the project can generate them for you, in the same way at viva-360 we are experts in this type of development and you can appreciate some of our 360º renders.

If your project has a physical model property, you can take 360-degree high-definition photographs, for this you will need to hire a professional photographer who has the experience and equipment necessary to perform this type of photography, which is known as spherical or panoramic 360 degree sphotography, you will obtain spectacular images of your model property, we work with the best specialists, here you can see one of our virtual tours in high definition.

Now let’s see the other case, that of the company that is dedicated to “selling and renting various types of real estate”, you probably have “premium real estate” in which you can afford high definition photographs like the ones I just described, but that you will have some others, especially those that are for rent, that will not have a lot of budget and in this case there is the option of taking the photographs with a 360-degree camera in a single shot, which greatly facilitates and reduces the time of work, but in the same way it greatly reduces the quality of the image and although it is something that we should not sacrifice, there is an alternative that is valid for these cases, here you can see an example of this quality of 360-degree photography.

Well, now with the 360º images made, that we normally do or recommend, the same photographer or in our case the person from our team in charge of assembling the tours on the viewing platform do it and deliver it to you to mount it on your website or support you with that, but this is where the novelty is and now we have a powerful tool that allows us to have a video conference with our interested parties while we virtually browse the entire property, which makes the experience closer to it would be like be in there.

This believe me, is another level, it will allow you to reach a greater number of interested parties, saving you a lot of time and money on travel, making a better selection of the people who are really interested.

If you want to know more about how to implement this powerful tool, do not hesitate to contact us.


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