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8 Keys to improve the photographs of your properties

If you want to improve the photographs you take of your properties, check out these 8 suggestions, which you can start putting into practice right now.

1. Know and take advantage of the camera you have: It is key that you know your camera, even if it is the camera of your cell phone, I suggest you take some time and experiment with the possibilities it offers you, if you want us to delve into this topic leave me in the comments what camera do you use for your real estate photographs.

2. Organize the space and dispense with things: Order and obviously cleanliness is essential in a photograph, that everything is in its place and in a good disposition will allow your photographs to have a better impact, in addition to this remember that most of the time less it’s more, so don’t be afraid to remove elements from the image so that everything looks much more orderly and pleasant or in a better arrangement.

3. Take advantage of all the available light: You must choose the best time to take the photographs of the space you want to show, whether you are going to take exterior photographs, you must analyze what time of day the facade is best for, as well as the interior ones, depending on the Natural light enters and we suggest you always turn on all the available light bulbs, including lamps and even candles, this will give a lot of energy to the image.

4. Take care of reflections: Always check that you are not going to be neither you nor the camera in the reflection of a glass, a screen, a shiny piece of furniture and much less in a mirror, you must position yourself strategically to take the picture.

5. Locate yourself in the corners: This is what we mean by strategically locating yourself to take the photograph, whenever possible locate yourself in the corners, leveling the camera very well.

6. The very straight lines: And here we continue linking, in the previous recommendation we suggested that you level the camera very well and on this depends that the lines are very straight, generally placing the camera at a medium height and well projected you will achieve that all the lines look straight.

7. Corners and photographic details: Observe those spaces that could be special with that natural charm that could captivate the interested party and dare to make more closed shots for them.

8. Do not use flash: Unless you have an independent flash and you know how to work with it, in general you are going to take the shots during the day and if you are going to do it at night, I also recommend you deactivate the flash, since it can generate some unpleasant flare and reflections in your image.

I hope that these suggestions will be useful to you, if you want to expand your knowledge about real estate and architectural photography, you can subscribe to my blog and you will receive the publications first-hand, leave me in the comments, what topics of real estate and architectural photography would you like us to deal with .

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